Who We Have Helped: Meet Libby

Libby JudgeOn March 15, 2014, Libby Judge experienced a traumatic car accident when trying to swerve away from a deer, flipping her car and leaving her with a C5, C6 spinal cord injury. Today, Libby is paralyzed from the chest down with some movement in her shoulders, biceps, triceps and wrists only.

Living with a spinal cord injury is expensive and emotionally straining. Libby faces a long road ahead that involves a demanding course of acute therapy. Recognizing the co-pays and deductibles, additional therapy, monthly medical supplies, home modifications and caregiver expenses they were facing, Libby’s family reached out to HelpHOPELive. “The first couple of weeks and still to this day people are always asking how they can help,” said Libby’s daughter, Carolyn. “They are dying to do something. I don’t know if it’s just because they feel powerless, but they know that the one thing they can do is donate for these uninsured medical expenses.”

With help from family, friends and her community, Libby has already exceeded her original fundraising goal. Events such as Live it up! for Libby, have not only been very successful but have brought her community together. Libby’s friends and family continue to raise money for injury-related expenses that insurance won’t cover. They look forward to the Waynesborough Invitational on September 14, a world class tennis tournament in honor of Libby. “My mom has a really big community,” said Carolyn. “Their true colors really come out when tragedies like this hit close to home.”

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