Meet Live Award Honoree Greg Snyder

Greg SnyderEach year at the annual benefit in support of HelpHOPELive, we honor three community heroes who prove why our mission matters with the Help, HOPE and Live awards.

This year, the Live award will go to Greg Snyder for his hard work and determination to regain his life and independence following a hiking accident that left the medical student paralyzed from the waist down.

On June 17, 2013, Greg Snyder was hiking with his dog when he sustained a catastrophic fall that left him a T9 paraplegic, unable to move from the waist down. After his injury, Greg was forced to make some big adjustments including taking a year off to recover before finishing school at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, where he had just completed his third year.

Recognizing the severe financial challenges Greg and his family were facing with his injury, his then-girlfriend (now fiancée) Christina reached out to HelpHOPELive. With the support of his community Greg’s family has been able to raise over $100,000 towards his medical expenses. Unwilling to let the accident define him, Greg has worked hard at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital to regain the strength he needs to continue on with his life.

In April 2014, Greg’s mom posted an update to his campaign page highlighting a few things that HelpHOPELive funds had covered so far:

Apr 26, 2014

It is April 2014 .. You used funds to: 1. Get a smart drive 2. Get more Loko mat , Exo training since the PTs say progress is stabilized ( aka . Insurance won’t pay for PT .. ) well .. We will fool ALL of them! 3. A chair for mud to fly fish . You find some of these helpful & some frustrating ( smart drive ) . I hope you reach your goal & people NEVER forget to give $ to your campaign ! You will always need the financial help . I love you more then you will ever imagine . Your good spirit keeps me going ! – Mom

With the accident now more than a year behind him, Greg is back at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University. He is currently applying to internal medicine residency programs, and if he pursues a fellowship it will be in cardiology, oncology or critical care.

HELP HOPE live it up!

The Live award will be presented to Greg at this year’s HelpHOPE-Live it Up! benefit on September 17.

Watch Greg’s inspiring story.




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