Disability Advocates Take On Uber, Lyft

Advocates are calling for services like Uber and Lyft to provide greater accommodations for travelers in wheelchairs.

What You Need To Know:

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  • Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has proposed a bill to address the accessibility of private taxi services like Uber and Lyft.
  • Advocates believe specific requirements should be outlined and enforced by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.
  • The proposal highlights a nationwide debate over the accessibility of these ride-for-hire services.
  • Uber has initiated wheelchair lift van pilot programs in some areas of Philadelphia, New York City, Los Angeles and other major cities.
  • Some wheelchair users turn to Uber because it offers flexible travel and a text-to-speech-compatible app.

Key Quotes:

“All of these systems…are hardly paying any attention to accessibility.”

—Christine Griffin, executive director of the Disability Law Center

“It shouldn’t be that hard. They have an obligation.”

—Thomas Kennedy, Mass. state Senator and quadriplegic

“It was the most dehumanizing experience.”

—Boston account executive who was denied by an Uber driver because of her wheelchair

Read the article at The Boston Globe

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