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Meet Volunteer of the Year Award Honoree Chris Kanter

We present our 2015 Volunteer of the Year award to Christine V. Kanter for outstanding service and dedication to HelpHOPELive.

Chris first began contributing to HelpHOPELive, then the National Heart Assist and Transplant Fund, in 1983, as one of its founding employees. She joined a powerful community of individuals working to empower heart transplant patients to fundraise for a procedure still considered “experimental” and therefore not covered by insurance. Chris witnessed the financial and emotional impact of transplantation in a family member and used that awareness to fuel her service to HelpHOPELive.

Pat Kolff and Christine Kanter 1983 NTAF NTHAF heart transplant HelpHOPELive

Christine (right) with HelpHOPELive co-founder Pat Kolff in 1983

“Going to work every day was exciting,” Chris recounted in a HelpHOPELive interview. “The need was there, and we were there for our patients at every twist and turn as the field of transplantation progressed…It was energizing – what we did worked!”

After 20 years of devoted service in the Patient Services department, Chris retired from her position and joined the HelpHOPELive Board in order to continue serving the organization. Christine was instrumental in planning the first-ever HelpHOPE-Live It Up! annual fundraising event in 2013 to raise funds and awareness for HelpHOPELive. After helping to launch the event, Chris served as its co-chair in 2014 and participated in 2015 as an active member of HelpHOPELive’s Live It Up! event committee.

Heather Moore and Christine Kanter HelpHOPE-Live It Up!, Live It Up 15, LiveItUp15

Christine (right) with her HelpHOPE-Live It Up! co-chair Heather Moore

During her quarter-century of service to HelpHOPELive, Chris has attracted loyal supporters in her extended community to the organization’s cause through word-of-mouth and home fundraising events. A friend of HelpHOPELive founders Dr. Jack and Patricia Kolff, Chris is a founding member of the Kolff Society, a giving society whose members strive to assist HelpHOPELive in furthering its mission to reach families in need across America by providing cumulative gifts of $1,000 or more each year.

Christine Kanter HelpHOPELive NTAF NHTAF

Christine continues to passionately support HelpHOPELive

“I cherish my involvement with HelpHOPELive,” Chris said. “For…30 years we have helped people in need – I want that to continue. I give to HelpHOPELive because I want to support the passion [and] the hope.”

HelpHOPE-Live It Up! logo Live It Up! Live It Up 2015 annual event charity galaJoin us at HelpHOPE-Live It Up! on October 16 as we honor Chris for her service and dedication to our mission.

Each year at HelpHOPELive’s annual signature fundraising event, HelpHOPE-Live It Up!, we honor community heroes who prove why our mission matters with the Help, HOPE and Live awards. In 2015, we’re also giving out an Advocacy and Volunteer of the Year award.

25 Medical Fundraising Tips You Can Use Today

Need to give your campaign a boost? Here are 25 powerful fundraising tips from HelpHOPELive Fundraising Coordinators that you can start using right away.

Asking For Auction and Raffle Items


1. Think about the local businesses you visit on a regular basis, like bakeries, family-owned grocery stores, restaurants, hair salons, boutiques or even your dentist’s office. Ask each for a gift certificate donation.

2. When asking for item donations from local businesses, bring your HelpHOPELive Appeal Letter and Gift In Kind Form to help explain your story and the tax advantages of donating to your HelpHOPELive campaign.

3. Ask local organizations to sponsor your next fundraising event. You get reduced-cost products or services, and local businesses get exposure!

Getting More Donations


4. Engage former classmates for donations.

5. Update your HelpHOPELive Campaign Page regularly, and edit the About section of your Campaign Page if you reach a major medical milestone. Pictures and updates help contributors feel more connected to your cause.

6. Create a YouTube video that explains your personal journey and asks viewers for donations.

Improving Events


7. Coordinate your fundraisers with upcoming holidays. How about a first day of summer car wash, or a Father’s Day outdoor barbeque?

8. Sell chocolate bars with a custom HelpHOPELive label at outdoor events. Set up a table at your town’s next community fair or summer festival.

9. Add bonus events! Add a bake sale to your garage sale. Add a silent auction to your spaghetti dinner.

10. Sell HelpHOPELive wristbands at your next event. Ask your Fundraising Coordinator for details.

11. Use customized HelpHOPELive materials like flyers and brochures to spread the word. Your Fundraising Coordinator can show you how.

12. Turn a fundraiser into an eating competition. Bump up your next fundraising barbeque with a burger eating challenge! Charge admission for teams or individuals and offer prizes for the winner(s).

 Uniting Your Community


13. Create a t-shirt for your supporters that includes a shortened link to your HelpHOPELive Campaign Page.

14. If donors have questions about HelpHOPELive, send them a helpful infographic.

15. Share your Campaign Page with extended family members so they stay in the loop.

16. Personalize thank-you notes for people who donate to your campaign. A small gesture goes a long way.

17. Thank event attendees and sponsors in social media posts. On Twitter or Facebook, use the @ sign to “tag” businesses or friends in a post.

 Fundraising On A Tight Budget


18. Create a donation coin bank with the HelpHOPELive logo on it. Ask local businesses to display it. You Fundraising Coordinator can give you a customized coin bank label to support your HelpHOPELive campaign.

19. Auction off time instead of items! Ask friends to donate tax preparation help, house cleaning, babysitting or even piano lessons.

20. Share event registration pages on Facebook and Twitter so your friends can easily RSVP.

 Getting Help


21. Engage your local Moose Lodge, Elk Club, Masonic Temple or Knights of Columbus organization for volunteers to serve as event staff if you or someone you know is a member,

22. Ask National Honor Society students, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to volunteer as staff members at your event.

23. Check in with your Fundraising Coordinator if you are planning an event. We can provide customized HelpHOPELive materials, press releases, creative event ideas and much more!

Thinking Big


24. If an event is successful, make it an annual affair! Ask your Fundraising Coordinator for tips.

25. Through pictures, videos or updates, show donors exactly how they have improved your life with their contributions.

Find more campaign-boosting tips from HelpHOPELive’s expert Fundraising Coordinators on Facebook and on Twitter. Fresh tips are posted every Tuesday.

How to Fight COPD-Related Stress

If you suffer from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), you already know that your symptoms and flare-ups can fluctuate depending on a host of different factors. Did you know that stress and anxiety can intensify your COPD symptoms?

stress COPD HelpHOPELive Stress Awareness Day

Stress can intensify your COPD symptoms.

April 16 is Stress Awareness Day – it’s the perfect time to reconsider your relationship with stress. We spoke to April Norman, moderator of the HOPE for COPD a social support network that provides COPD sufferers with a private space to discuss their condition with fellow patients, caregivers and families. She offered her tips for combating anxiety to improve overall well-being.

Here’s what you need to know about stress and COPD.

Stress and COPD Are Naturally Linked

According to Dr. Chris Iliades at Everyday Health, COPD and stress almost always go hand-in-hand. “Everybody has an alarm system deep in their brains,” he confirmed in a 2013 article. “If your breathing alarm system detects that you’re not getting enough air, it sends out a warning that feels like a sudden rush of anxiety.” That struggle to draw air can create “a constant source of stress” for COPD sufferers.

HelpHOPELive COPD symptoms stress

Stress may exacerbate COPD symptoms.

A study published in Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine found that 41.7% of study participants with COPD experienced anxiety, a heightened form of stress.

Your COPD-related stress is not going to cure itself. In fact, the more COPD progresses, the greater the chances that you will experience COPD-related stress on a daily basis.

HelpHOPELive fight stress COPD

COPD-related stress will not disappear on its own.

The COPD Stress Cycle

If you suffer from COPD, you may already have experienced the “COPD Stress Cycle”:

  1. Stress causes your body to tense up.
  2. With tight muscles and a tense body, you struggle more than usual to draw in air.
  3. As you struggle to breathe, you experience heightened stress.
  4. More stress means more tension in your body, and the process starts over

Struggling with COPD Medical Costs

Medical bills may add another layer of anxiety to daily life for COPD sufferers. According to HOPE for COPD’s April Norman, sufferers may be blindsided by some of the costs associated with their condition. “My medications alone cost over $10,000 last year,” she said, “not to mention the out-of-pocket costs associated with supplements, vitamins, face masks, air purifiers, antibacterial supplies, and the rental, services, and supplies associated with an oxygen concentrator, expenses which many COPD sufferers must overcome.”

COPD medications meds HelpHOPELive

COPD medications can cost over $10,000 per year.

“These costs can easily exceed $1 million over a lifetime,” April said. “Even if insurance will cover most medical costs, co-pays and out-of-pocket costs will add up extremely quickly.”

Costs can include transportation and relocation expenses associated with a lung transplant. “Many hospitals have a ‘live within X miles’ request that they make to transplant candidates,” she said. “I live about 76 miles from my transplant hospital. In the winter, that two hours turns into four or more hours. The travel cost is around $130 for the round trip with gas, tolls, and food. These transportation costs add up.”

You will not be able to escape from the stress cycle without a conscious effort. Luckily, there are many ways to manage your COPD-related anxiety levels effectively.

10 Ways To Fight COPD Stress, Starting Now

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Get Help When You Need It

Always tackle your stress with the help of your support team. If you begin to notice symptoms of depression, such as lack of interest in your favorite activities or feelings of guilt and hopelessness, discuss these feelings with your doctor immediately. While a degree of stress is normal for all of us, COPD sufferers or not, stress or depression can severely disrupt your life unless you take the time to manage your emotions.

HelpHOPELive COPD stress less

You can learn how to manage and overcome your stress.

You deserve relief from COPD-related stress! Today is the day to take your first steps towards healthy stress management. How will you begin? Share your stress management tips with other COPD sufferers on Facebook or on Twitter.

Discuss breaking COPD research by following HOPE for COPD on Twitter, and catch April’s firsthand insights on her blog.

Why Work With HelpHOPELive?

Why should you trust HelpHOPELive to support your medical fundraising efforts? This infographic explains why you can count on us.

HHL infographic final


If you have questions or feedback regarding this infographic, reach out to us on Twitter or on Facebook.